March 21, 2018
Simplified licensing procedure
If the computer on which the plugin is installed has an active internet connection, purchased licenses will be automatically updated. In case a problem with a valid license occurs, the license will be automatically restored 24/7.
Compatibility to Adobe Photoshop CC2018
CC2018 was already supported on a Mac operating system. This version now supports Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 on a Windows operating system. End of life support of Adobe Photoshop CS5.
ChannelExtender for RGB to Multicolor Separation
Use GMG color management directly in Adobe Photoshop. Create separations from RGB to Multicolor with up to seven output inks—on the basis of separation profiles from GMG OpenColor.
Extended MinDot Features
Use MinDot Preview to easily localize areas that could cause problems for flexography printing. MinDot Adjust optimizes the print data on the basis of the tonal-threshold values of the target printing process. You can now use this feature set on spot colors and hidden or locked layers.
Improved Soft Proofing with GMG OpenColor Preview
Supports now more than 8 profile channels.
Support of FOGRA53 and FOGRA54

FOGRA53 and FOGRA54 characterizations are now available for use with the ColorConversion feature.