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New ISO standard for proof prints

The ISO is an international independent non-governmental organization with 164 members from national associations worldwide. ISO 12647 specifies criteria for the certification of proof systems and proof production. The publication of the new revision 12647-7: 2016 replaces the previous ISO 12647-7: 2013. The revision 2013 is thus no longer valid and from now on a proof has to be verified according to the new ISO standard.

What does the new ISO standard 12647-7:2016 mean?

The main changes regarding proof verification:

  • The revision of the standard uses a different color difference formula. When ∆E76 was used in the past, now it is ∆E00. Both are calculated from CIELAB values but cannot be converted to the other. ∆E00 aligns much better with a typical human perception of color differences. This means it is better suited to judge proof accuracy.
  • Also, the old standard used ∆H for CMY gray patches, which is a component of ∆E76 which describes the remaining color difference without lightness and saturation. It is replaced by ∆Ch, which is the remaining color difference only without lightness, being better suited for CMY gray patches. Again, a conversion form old to new is not possible.
  • Spot colors are now included and verified. These changes are intended to match the relevant, tolerable differences between actual and target values of proofs, so that proofs can be even more reliably evaluated.

GMG ColorProof - the first Fogra-certified proof solution

GMG is the first RIP manufacturer who offers a Fogra certified proofing solution according to the new ISO 12647-7: 2016. With GMG ColorProof 5.9, GMG customers are able to verify their proofs according to the new ISO norm and thus deliver a legally binding contract proof to their customers or clients. 

A proof certification, based on the target values and tolerances defined in the new ISO standard, is now possible at Fogra.

What is changing on my proof?

Proof with proof label according to old ISO 12647-7-: 2013 
Image with CMYK and one spot color printed with GMG ColorProof 5.8 
NOT ISO compliant anymore

NEW: Proof with proof label according to ISO 12647-7: 2016
Image with CMYK and one spot color printed with GMG ColorProof 5.9. Additional control strip for spot colors required
ISO compliant according to ISO 12647-7: 2016

What changes on my proof label?

GMG ColorProof 5.8 proof label
NOT ISO compliant anymore

NEW: GMG ColorProof 5.9 proof label 
ISO 12647-7: 2016 compliant

11 Questions & Answers from Juergen Seitz
concerning the changes for prepress and printers


  1. When does the new ISO 12647-7:2016 standard come into effect and is the old standard still valid?
  2. Do I need new proof standards for my GMG software?
  3. Are proofs which have been passed according to the new ISO standard automatically also deemed passed according to the old standard?
  4. What happens with user-defined proof standards after the update to the new version?
  5. Can I verify my custom GMG DotProof profiles according to the new ISO standard?
  6. Are there also new control strips, or can I continue to use my existing control strips?
  7. Which reference values are used for spot color verification?
  8. Do I have to modify my label text in GMG ColorProof?
  9. Can existing proofs be verified according to the new ISO standard retrospectively?
  10. Is a remote scenario with different GMG ColorProof versions possible?
  11. Do I need new measuring devices?

Here you can read all answers.

ISO 12647-7:2016 New ISO standard and GMG ColorProof 5.9

What are the important aspects of the new ISO norm and how should they be considered in my production? Learn about the changes and how you can benefit from them in GMG ColorProof 5.9. Registration



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