FOGRA51/52 - Printing Standards

"We have never been so close to 'measure what we see' and 'see what we measure' as we are now"

Juergen Seitz, GMGs Senior Technical Advisor and
part of the research group behind

ISO standards in prepress and print and FOGRA51/52

In the past few years, some ISO standards have been changed to better reflect today's working practices in the printing industry - especially when it comes to the handling of optically brightened paper: Color Viewing (ISO 3664:2009), Color Measurement (ISO 13655:2009) and Offset Printing (ISO 12647-2:2013) are the most important ones.

In consequence, characterization datasets have been worked out to consider all those ISO-changes and improve the tools for the printing industry - the first datasets released being FOGRA51 (for woodfree-coated substrates) and FOGRA52 (for woodfree-uncoated substrates).

Click here for a quick overview on the changes.

Pilot project - catalogue production according to FOGRA51

For many years, GMG has an active presence in the development of new standards, thus also in the case of FOGRA51/52. Therefore, it is a matter of course that the latest versions of GMG ColorProof, GMG ProofControl and GMG ColorServer support these new characterization sets right from the start of their publication. With the transition from FOGRA39 based workflows to FOGRA51, a new level of color accurate printing is possible, gaining an increasing foothold in the industry.

With two of our customers - the M + E Druckhaus and the Peter Becker GmbH, responsible for the repro process - GMG conducted a pilot project even before the official release of the new standards. Click here to find out about the impressions and experiences made in the transition to the new printing standard FOGRA51.

The effect of optical brightening agents in paper


Optical brightening agents (OBAs) are causing a fluorescent effect converting invisible UV-wavelenghts into a visible bluish remission. What does that mean? With UV in the viewing condition in which an OBA-paper is typically used, the shiny and color changing fluorescent effect of the OBAs influences the paper's appearance.


Bring your print & proof match to a new dimension

GMG ProofPaper 250 semimatte OBA contains optical brightening agents just as your production paper, ensuring the same visual experience even in changing viewing conditions.

More about GMG ProofMedia

6 Questions & Answers about FOGRA51/52

GMG Senior Technical Advisor, Jürgen Seitz, was asked these 6 questions about FOGRA51/52:

  • "Finally we can measure what we see, and see what we measure!" - What exactly has changed?

  • What do I need to be able to work according to FOGRA51/52?

  • What does GMG have to do with Fogra?

  • Are there any further characterization data to be expected after FOGRA51/52?

  • FOGRA51/52 = OBA Proof?

  • What measurement condition should be used for FOGRA51/52?

Are you curious? Read the answers here.

We can help you get ready for FOGRA51/52

We will bring you up to speed with our "Ready for FOGRA51/52" Consulting Package!

Starting with a first interview to learn where you stand, we'll show you which steps are required to get ready to work with the new characterization datasets. As part of our service, we will train you on the latest changes and what needs to be adjusted to produce according to the new standards.

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