Repeatable colors and uncompromising quality – every time

What do a common large-format banner, an urgent brochure, a motif wallpaper and elegant curtain fabric have in common? Demanding customers – the color must be exact

GMG solutions provide a reliable system that ensures consistent reliability and the highest quality standards. With GMG ColorServer, you’ll achieve highly automated color management workflows, saving time and money for everyone involved. From now on, separation and conversion is no longer associated with an enormous amount of work.

GMG SmartProfiler on board

GMG SmartProfiler is a software-wizard that allows any user to calibrate, recalibrate and profile digital and large format printing systems easily and without advanced knowledge of color management.

Unlike other technologies, the software has useful presets for the different ink types found in large format and digital printing. Sources of errors are minimized because, as a user, you're guided through the tasks, step-by-step.

Better print results with less ink

GMG InkOptimizer is the unbeatable application for printers wanting to save more than ink. GMG InkOptimizer stabilizes and optimizes the entire print run.

By standardizing the color composition of PDF files and increasing the levels of black ink, GMG InkOptimizer retains the original color and image quality – while reducing its production cost.

This is achieved by working in exactly the area where the human eye reacts most sensitively – the gray balance. These grays are stabilized and the neutral areas and tertiary colors, such as brown and olive shades, are made more consistent. In addition, contrast and shadow detail are improved.



GMG ColorServer

GMG ColorServer

The best way to optimize data for different printing methods: GMG ColorServer ensures consistent results and improvements in color reproduction. ... more



GMG SmartProfiler

GMG SmartProfiler

GMG SmartProfiler is the intuitive profiling tool for the most powerful color management solution on the market: GMG ColorServer. ... more



GMG InkOptimizer

GMG InkOptimizer

Better printing and up to 47% less ink used: GMG InkOptimizer stabilizes and optimizes the entire printing process. ... more



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