More color, in less time? We can do that. Faster. And more reliably

Packaging Industry - Color management solutions by GMG

A solution designed to tackle the specific opportunities and challenges of the packaging sector

Increasingly shorter product cycles, ever more complex color and substrate combinations, growing cost pressure .... to compete successfully, proofing solutions have to be reliable and powerful.

GMG is a leader in the packaging industry and has been for many years, developing GMG FlexoProof to prove that quality and standardization are no longer the reserve of offset printing.

As the world's only solution to accurate simulation of the overprinting effects of spot colors, GMG OpenColor employs patented technology using special multicolor profiles

The spectral data calculation of GMG OpenColor includes printing technologies, substrates, and printing order. The results are so reliable that correction loops on the machine can be avoided.

With GMG ColorProof, profiles can be calculated ‘on-the-fly’: input files are simply placed in the corresponding hot folder of the proofing solution and subsequently processed automatically.

Uncompromising quality from the very beginning: digital prototype production powered by GMG

In terms of standardization and reproducibility, a solution from GMG comes with features that make it possible to produce outstanding prototypes – particularly by linking the diverse systems of Epson, Mimaki and Roland. So it’s possible from the outset to work with uniform and accurate color results on virtually any substrate.

Compared to conventional systems for the packaging and label market, GMG packaging prototypes excel not only with reliable color accuracy – but also with pleasingly low production costs.

Read our brochure about Color-accurate mock-up creation: GMG Color Management for Epson SC-S80600.

GMG OpenColor

GMG OpenColor

Our next generation of color engine. GMG’s patented technology creates highly accurate profiles for both process and spot color overprinting. ... more

GMG ColorProof

GMG ColorProof

When it comes to efficient and safe contract proofing, GMG ColorProof is the professionals' choice. ... more



GMG FlexoProof

GMG FlexoProof

A proofing tool that is unbelievably clever. ... more

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