Creative minds love color. Brand owners love color. GMG’s solutions satisfy both

Proofing for agencies – simple, reliable and economical

To assess layouts in detail, designers – and customers – must have an idea of exactly what's going to be printed later. If you have in-house proofs with uncompromising color accuracy, the magic can happen.

GMG ColorProof produces those proofs. Just think, no more couriers or last-minute amends. And the idea of your creative department and production team finally being on the same page? Genius.

With remote proofing, GMG ColorProof delivers the process guarantee that so many international production operations need. Whether it happens via FTP, WebClient or via an integrated GMG CoZone connection, GMG ColorProof makes sure you're getting high color quality proofs – everywhere.

GMG CoZone is the ultimate content approval solution, enabling you to take innovation and creativity to the next level

GMG CoZone lets organizations collaborate on images and artwork in an intuitive, creative environment. Everyone can annotate and approve a file, from anywhere, at any time. That means faster processes, fewer people involved, more accuracy and less downtime.

And after it's all signed off, by everyone involved? CoZone can seamlessly output a perfect hard proof on a connected GMG ColorProof system.

From image to proof to press: GMG ColorMaster is the ultimate RGB workflow

GMG ColorMaster converts print data at the last possible moment, from its RGB color space, into the respective targeted color space. No exceptions: with its virtual CMYK color space, GMG ColorMaster works with all color spaces from the classic printing processes.

This way, print results can be simulated before the actual printing process begins: only at the end of the workflow will the data be converted into a single CMYK separation, using GMG DeviceLink profiles.

GMG ColorProof

GMG ColorProof

When it comes to efficient and safe contract proofing, GMG ColorProof is the professionals' choice. ... more



GMG CoZone

GMG CoZone

Get the ultimate content approval tool - GMG CoZone - and start collaboration today. ... more

GMG ColorMaster

GMG ColorMaster

Our RGB workflow in which process neutral data can be securely and automatically created without compromising quality. ... more

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