Verify proofs in seconds:
GMG ProofControl

Objective proof quality

GMG ProofControl will ease the verification of digital printing, effortlessly and color-accurate according to Fogra PSD. In addition, the application can be personalized even more easily now. Self-created color rulesets can be saved as templates and applied to any printing standards. Detect and bypass any printing errors with GMG ProofControl on an early stage. 

Color precision is objectively measureable and proofs become a central reference for communicating colors with GMG ProofControl. Whether you are editing image data, monitoring colors of printers or creating contract proofs, it is easy: Measure your control strip and glue the test certificate on the proof after verification. 

Process control for digital printing

GMG ProofControl supports Fogra PSD (ProcessStandard Digital) and responds adequately to the requirements of the printing industry after monitoring process and ensuring the quality of digital printing systems.

Self-generated rulesets can be saved as templates and applied to any output standards. As individual adjustments are part of the daily work, it is a big facilitation for packaging printing.

Templates for ISO12647-7:2016 and FOGRA PSD 2016 are already included.

Personalize printing standards  

Thanks to Microsoft Excel support, the analysis and statistics of data measurement can both increase the printing stability. This way you can even create personalized printing standards. The list of printing standards can be saved und imported via XML to other workstations in order to keep the printing consistency.

Essential benefits at a glance

  • Production reliability through quality control 
  • Support of international industry standards and digital standard Fogra PSD
  • Automatic evaluation of control strips
  • Documentation with self-adhesive label

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