The online collaboration and softproofing solution: GMG CoZone

Softproofing with GMG CoZone

GMG  CoZone is a web-based portal for your customers that allows all activities, from the creative concept through the color-optimized production data, to be efficiently and securely managed.

GMG CoZone bundles all approval and proofing processes within a single platform that offers both flexibility and high performance. As a cloud-based service portal, GMG CoZone can be used with no limitations on the geographical location involved. Internet access is all that's needed for you to access your data any time and anyplace in the world, without having to install any software. 

Thanks to an intuitive user interface, corrections and approvals can be executed and managed at lightning speed even by first-time users. Detailed reports and constant availability of the live production status mean there's no longer any need for confusing and insecure e-mail exchanges, with all of the file attachments and data constraints they involve. You can use your original print data in GMG CoZone, thus saving yourself the time and effort of creating low-resolution versions. 

GMG CoZone utilizes the latest security technologies to provide your documents with optimum protection from unauthorized access attempts. With the aid of a transparent rights management facility, you can see in detail who has access to which documents and features. In addition, you can customize the user interface to ensure your customers immediately feel right at home.

As a software as a service (SaaS) application, GMG CoZone is billed via a "pay-per-use" model. The CoZone Collaborate module takes account only of the number of the uploaded files. There is no limit, however, on the file size, number of users, or number of approval sessions taking place at any one time. What's more, every upload can include up to four versions. Seasonal production peaks are automatically absorbed with no need for you to free up capacities in advance..

Efficiency and Transparency for the Entire Approval Process – from First Draft to Final Sign-Off

CoZone provides an interactive overview of all data requiring comment or approval. The current status of the files concerned thus becomes visible at a glance. GMG CoZone supplies all the tools you need for soft proofing. As well as being able to deploy or modify simulation profiles, you are given the unique opportunity to customize the paper tone in ways that differ from standard print conditions. You retain full control and can see directly on your monitor how different paper tones will visually impact the printing results.

GMG CoZone includes a variety of other GMG cloud-based services, such as the CoZone Deliver ProfileServer, the tool for centrally managing and distributing your in-house GMG proofing standards and spot color sets. With the help of ProfileServer, such data can automatically be shared and updated with networked ColorProof systems.

GMG CoZone Deliver is a remote proofing tool that seamlessly completes the correction and approval process with the aid of legally binding contract proofs. In fact, GMG CoZone Deliver enables any available GMG ColorProof system to be directly controlled. The CoZone Deliver module also allows for automated checking of the media wedge. This ensures that remote proofs are produced in compliance with specified quality criteria. 

“Our PDF-based correction workflow was always very complicated, as a lot of different project managers and different groups had to work on one document. The use of CoZone has made this much easier”
(Elke Laux, Global Replenishment, HUGO BOSS AG)

Essential benefits at a glance

  • Enhanced location-independent online collaboration and communication
  • An extremely simple process for approving documents, requiring no expert knowledge
  • Reliable proofing: the perfect link between soft proofs and hard proofs – using original data
  • Simulation of the printing process thanks to a unique feature that allows paper tones to be individually customized
  • "Pay-per-use" license model with no initial investment or commitment of capital 
  • Unlimited user numbers
  • Freely configurable access rights, with no uncontrollable e-mail traffic
  • High availability: SaaS with geo-redundant security mechanisms

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