Consistent colors the easy way:
GMG ColorServer

Customized Printing Conditions Made Easy

The use of different printing processes, various substrates and changing printing conditions are still associated with a lot of work and time in prepress and data processing. Customized color profiles help to overcome these problems. With GMG ColorServer consistent print results across all printing processes and substrates can be achieved easily thanks to the direct connection to GMG OpenColor. Watch the benefits of GMG ColorServer.

ColorServer Video

The difference is in the conversion

To gain color consistent results for different print products, produced on various materials and in different processes, a conversion of print data is essential. This often raises the question of what happens to the data and how does the final result look like in a direct comparison?

Test in our online simulator how the GMG ColorConversion affects the data and how you get the best possible result for different output conditions.
Loading the simulator takes a moment. Select the desired target condition in the column on the left and activate the conversion preview. The image on the right shows the result of the conversion.

Best-in-class conversion with GMG MX technology
and the Paper Adaption Tool

GMG ColorServer is based on GMG MX technology, providing reproducible results in high-end quality. CMYK-to-CMYK conversions are performed whilst preserving the black channel's integrity. This way print data can optimally be transferred from one printing standard to another.

Thanks to GMG ColorServer's CMYK re-separation, data can be standardized in terms of color composition, and the RGB-to-CMYK conversion achieves smoother separations than an ICC workflow could do. Spot colors can accurately be converted to process colors, using the maximum gamut of the CMYK color space.

The Paper Adaptation Tool guarantees close visual matches to printing conditions or standards adapting the color output space to the production paper.

In addition, GMG ColorServer allows the use of 4-color separation profiles that have been generated in GMG OpenColor.

GMG Mx-Technology

Automatic processing for every printing process

Color consistency using industry or in-house standards

GMG ColorServer - Automatic Processing for every printing process

Maximum efficiency

Dynamic hotfolders and a template-based concept

Maximum clarity

Job Manager with powerful track and search functionality

Client-server architecture

Load balancing for high performance and fail-safe processing,
plus various ways for a seamless integration in your preferred third-party workflow

GMG ColorServer - Client Server Architecture

GMG SmartProfiler: high-end quality, easy to use

The optional GMG SmartProfiler extends GMG ColorServer with profiling functionality. Thanks to the step-by-step structure, any user can calibrate, recalibrate and profile digital and large format printing systems without expertise in color management.

Essential benefits at a glance

  • High-end conversion with GMG MX technology and the Paper Adaptation Tool
  • Efficient process automatization with dynamic hotfolders
  • High throughput and fail-safe processing with client-server-architecture 
  • Direct workflow integration in third-party systems
  • Accurate spot color conversion, all current spot color libraries integrated
  • AdobeĀ® PDF Library based PDF engine for best results converting transparent and overprinting elements
  • Optional fully integrated SmartProfiler with calibration and proofing functionality - easy to use



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