Use GMG color management directly in Adobe Photoshop: GMG ColorPlugin

GMG Color Plugin Software
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Manual color adjustments and tricky workarounds become superfluous

GMG ColorPlugin allows enormous time savings in the pre-press stage. The powerful tool delivers precise conversions, efficient ink reductions and flexible separations - now also in Multicolor color spaces. All with class-leading quality and with a color-accurate preview of the result.

GMG ColorPlugin - from RGB into Multicolor color spaces

Multicolor separation with ChannelExtender

With the ChannelExtender variant separations from RGB into multicolor spaces can be created with up to seven colors - based on separation profiles from GMG OpenColor. 

Image data can be adapted to the multicolor printing process in use. The final result can be directly simulated on each processing level by a preview.

The ColorBoost Feature allows more saturated and more vivid images.

GMG ColorPlugin - ChannelExtender

Flexography-friendly: MinDot Preview and MinDot Adjust

In MinDot Preview problem areas for flexography printing can be localized in the highlights. MinDot Adjust optimizes the print data on the basis of the tonal-threshold values of the print process used.

In addition, the function can now also be used for spot colors and hidden or locked layers. 

GMG ColorPlugin MinDot Preview and Adjust

ChannelChanger and ChannelRemover

With ChannelChanger and ChannelRemover individual channels can be exchanged or removed entirely or selectively. The automatic compensation by remaining channels ensures color consistency when doing so. In this way both complete images and individual selections or layers can be adapted to target color spaces and print processes. 

Color consistency in color conversion 

ColorConversion uses GMG's superior MX technology for color-accurate conversion between a range of color spaces. In the pro version, self-created profiles can also be included alongside standard color spaces.

GMG OpenColor Preview offers a color accurate preview of the final results. 

GMG ColorPlugin is available in these versions:

GMG ColorPlugin Standard:
Apply the benefits of GMG  supplied MX profiles directly to images within Photoshop.

GMG ColorPlugin Pro: 

Individual standards based on own profiles from GMG ProfileEditor, GMG OpenColor and ink optimization possible.

GMG ColorPlugin Packaging:
ChannelExtender, ChannelChanger, ChannelRemover, MinDot Preview, MinDot Adjust.


Essential benefits at a glance

  • Separation from RGB to Multicolor up to 7C
  • ColorBoost for saturated and vivid images
  • MinDot Adjust and MinDot Preview also for spot colors
  • Flexible tools for automating the most often used process steps
  • Processing of complete subjects, individual selections or layers
  • Color-accurate conversions

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