A process-neutral workflow needs only one color space: GMG ColorMaster

Secure. Automatic. GMG ColorMaster is the only way to guarantee uncompromising quality

GMG ColorMaster converts print data at the last possible moment, from its RGB color space into the respective targeted color space. This way, print results are simulated before the actual printing process begins: only at the end of the workflow will the data be converted into a single CMYK separation, using GMG DeviceLink profiles.

Retouch Once Output Many

The GMG ColorMaster color space is the largest common denominator of all international reference color spaces for offset and gravure printing. As a result, it is the most reliable reference point for neutral color communication.

The results? Superb. And unique, in the world of color management. Only with original GMG color management and specially optimized profiles can such a consistent, high-quality color space conversion be automated. There are no exceptions - and with its virtual CMYK color space, GMG ColorMaster works with all color spaces from the classic printing processes.

Automation and common appearance for creative and preliminary stage experts

Whether you're dealing with packaging, wide format, or traditional advertising - in fact, wherever color is used, an identical color effect is crucial: consistency is the cornerstone of advertising and communication activity. But when image data and artwork are handled separately, problems are inevitable. It's an inefficient way to work, too.

GMG ColorMaster eliminates those problems and makes sure unsightly variations - due to the different separation criteria being used for identical colors - can now be a thing of the past. Genuine media-neutral consistency can start in the photo studio and remain in the same color space until the final print data is created.

Consistent color reproduction is essential to all advertising and communication activity. Whether it is packaging, wide format, or traditional advertising - wherever color is used, an identical color effect is critical.
With GMG ColorMaster, genuine media-neutral consistency begins in the photo studio and remains in the same color space until the final print data is created.

Three places where you'll find GMG ColorMaster unique

The photography: Accurately display how a photo will look in print, even when assessing the image for the first time. Improved image quality and dependable predictability at the photo studio/set.

Repro: Correction and approval on the basis of a single, all-encompassing standard, with the confidence to get the same appearance before you've defined where and on what substrate the image will be printed.

Creation of final data at the press of a button: Fully automatic RGB to CMYK conversions meeting all standards - and for a wide variety of papers - with no the need to manually alter each individual file.  


Essential benefits at a glance

  • Standardized print quality
  • True media-neutral production in Common Appearance Quality
  • Shorter production cycles through process automation
  • Retouch Once, Output Many
  • Dramatic reduction of manual image editing
  • Controlled and predictable quality, and thus also a better consistency in the RGB image database

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