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GMG is once again a climate-neutral company

With the support of a selected forest protection project in Portel (Brazil), the GMG GmbH & Co. KG has again made itself carbon neutral.

Climate protection means capturing all emissions so that they can be continuously reduced and avoided. Consistent is who balances all unavoidable emissions through a climate protection project. The effect on the global climate thus remains neutral overall and the company becomes climate-neutral.

GMG GmbH & Co. KG has been following this principle since 2009 and is operating in a climate-neutral manner.

With the annual recording of the Company Carbon Footprint and the compensation of unavoidable CO2 emissions within the framework of supported climate protection projects worldwide, GMG has been assuming corporate responsibility for ten years now.

This year, a forest protection project in Portel (Brazil) was selected as a climate protection project. GMG is pleased to take on entrepreneurial responsibility in the context of supporting the climate protection project that has been certified according to international standards.

Further information on the supported climate protection project can be found here:

Our partner for sustainability strategy is ClimatePartner.

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