GMG UK is 10 years old. Happy birthday to us!

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10 things GMG Color has achieved in the last 10 years

2.  In that time we’ve also sold 5,556,991 sqm of media and 54,248,550 ml of ink

When combined with GMG software, GMG ProofMedia accurately represents 99.8% of Pantone® colours.

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3.    The fastest technical support in the industry

•    Response times averaging 15 minutes
•    1/3 of all tickets resolved in less than 40 minutes
•    Consistent 100% positive customer feedback

4.    Accurate proof simulation of the overprinting effect of spot colours

We launched GMG OpenColor in 2013 to provide precise colour conversions using spectral data.

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GMG ColorPlugin Separations

5.    The ability to use GMG’s MX technology within Photoshop

GMG ColorPlugin was launched in 2016, delivering separation from RGB to Multicolor up to 7C with MinDot Adjust and Preview for spot colours.

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6.    Saving customers £ millions in ink and wastage

Our customers have saved significant amounts through GMG InkOptimizer’s grey component replacement. 

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7.    10 years ago we became a climate neutral company

GMG has now maintained its status as a carbon neutral company for the tenth year running, supported by the fact that all GMG ProofMedia is produced using FSC®-certified pulp.

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8.    This year we launched our digital ink drawdowns service - Color Cards

Ideal for ink manufacturers and print companies generating ink recipes to easily and quickly produce color references with digital transmission to remote sites.

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9.    A number of staff members have been with GMG UK since we formed a decade ago

Julie Chapman, Andy Hardy, Martyn Atkinson and Paul van Tongeren have been providing excellent customer service for 10 years.

10.    GMG’s calibration wizard was named the most innovative solution of 2019

We received the LabelExpo 2019 Award for Innovation for our ability to produce colour-accurate mock-ups for labels, flexible packaging and cartons, through an Epson SC-S80600.

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