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GMG news and expert knowledge in our regular webinars

The GMG Academy offers news and specific knowledge in our regular webinars. The topics are based on the latest technologies in color management and proofing. We also address your questions and suggestions directly online, in the comfort of your workplace.

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GMG Headquarter Webinars

GMG Americas Webinars

Spotcolors in Photoshop with GMG ColorPlugin

Tuesday, May 29th  –  3.00 PM until 3.30 PM CEST  –  free of charge

The processing of spot colors in Photoshop: Challenging, difficult, not feasible? No problem with the GMG ColorPlugin. Get to know the different possibilities with GMG: Replacing CMYK channels, ECG Separation, Flexo Tools and much more.


PDF Processing - Flattening and Co.

Tuesday, July 10th  –  3.00 PM until 3.30 PM CEST  –  30€

In 30 minutes we give you an insight regarding PDF processing. Get to know the challenges within the Adobe products and how to prepare images and PDF´s for our GMG ColorServer.   


Thirty Minute Training with GMG: OpenColor Separations - RGB to Multichannel Separations!

Tuesday, May 29th  –  4.00 PM until 4.30 PM CET 

Welcome to the most beautiful month and the most exiting new topic! This session we'll dive right into the latest separations technology offered with OpenColor spectral profiling: direct RGB to Multichannel separations. Stay tuned, this is gonna be a good one! Registration

Thirty Minute Training with GMG OpenColor Workflows

Tuesday, June 19th  –  4.00 PM until 4.30 PM CET 

Welcome to OpenColor Workflows! In our it's-midsummer-but-probably-still-feels-like-January session, we'll be spending a quick thirty minutes taking a look through the OpenColor-specific options you have in ColorProof Workflows, along with best practices for dynamic vs. static profiling in your projects. Come for the ink sequences, and stay for the spot color handling and faint hope that it may someday become warm outside again! Registration

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