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The GMG Academy offers news and specific knowledge in our monthly webinars. The topics are based on the latest technologies in color management and proofing. We also address your questions and suggestions directly online, in the comfort of our workplace.

GMG Headquater Webinars

GMG Americas Webinars

The perfect test form for press profiling

Monday, March 6th - 4.00 PM until 4:30 PM CEST - 30€

In this webinar, we share our experience of designing optimal test forms for fingerprinting, covering color variations across one print sheet and other potential issues. Registration

Proofing Media:
When to use it, how to use it?

Tuesday, March 28th - 4:00 PM until 5:00 PM CEST - 60€

Which proof media is best for simulating my printing condition? We will answer this question by showing you the characteristics of the different GMG proof media and provide you with tips and tricks for special proofing cases, as for example, in packaging printing. Registration

GMG ColorPlugin – Photoshop Color Management, Layer by Layer

March 28th  –  10 AM/4 PM  –  $30

Have you ever wanted to apply GCR to just part of an image? This month’s TMT with GMG will show you just that, along with one-click min dot handling, selection based color conversions, and simple channel removal! Registration

ISO 12647-7:2016 New proof standard and GMG ColorProof 5.9

Tuesday, April 11th  –  4.00 PM until 4.30 PM CEST  –  30€

What are the important aspects of the new ISO proof standard and how should they be considered in my production? Learn about the changes and how you can benefit from them in ColorProof 5.9. Registration

GMG OpenColor: Test Charts Galore

April 25th  –  10 AM/4 PM  –  $30

In this month’s TMT with GMG, we’re taking a look at the world of custom test chart creation within GMG OpenColor to find the perfect balance of quality characterization and real estate optimization on your plates. Registration

Extended Color Gamut - Which inks are best suited to extend the CMYK gamut?

Tuesday, May 9th  –  3.30 PM until 4.30 PM CEST  –  60€

In packaging printing, a huge part of the time-consuming press set-up is caused by constant spot color changes. In this webinar, we talk about the important aspects of  extended color gamut printing (ECG) and how to find the best matching colors for extending the CMYK gamut. Registration

GMG ColorProof – Remote Proofing

May 30th  –  10 AM/4 PM  –  $30

TMT with GMG presents to you this week a session all about Remote Proofing! We will cover the logistics, configuration, and automation possibilities for both Host and Remote sites using the latest version of ColorProof 5, complete with exciting email notifications! Registration


GMG ColorProof – Workin Out With Workflows

June 27th  –  10 AM/4 PM  –  $30

This month, we welcome you to join us to learn the Best Practices in ColorProof Workflow configuration. This session will cover topics of optimizing Workflow to Hotfolder ratios, channel mapping rules, an overview of automation integration, and creative ways to make best use out of your nesting templates. Registration

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