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GMG news and expert knowledge in our regualr webinars

The GMG Academy offers news and specific knowledge in our regular webinars. The topics are based on the latest technologies in color management and proofing. We also address your questions and suggestions directly online, in the comfort of your workplace.

Missed one? Check out our library to view recordings of all our webinars.

GMG Headquater Webinars

GMG Americas Webinars

Color Conversion with GMG ColorServer 5.0

Tuesday, June 13th  –  3.30 PM until 4.30 PM CEST  –  free of charge

Color conversions are not always easy to implement. In this free webinar, you will learn color conversion basics and how easy and automated they can be with the new GMG ColorServer 5.0. Also we will show you the advantages of our GMG InkOptimizer. Registration

GMG ColorProof – Workin Out With Workflows

June 27th  –  10 AM/4 PM  –  $30

This month, we welcome you to join us to learn the Best Practices in ColorProof Workflow configuration. This session will cover topics of optimizing Workflow to Hotfolder ratios, channel mapping rules, an overview of automation integration, and creative ways to make best use out of your nesting templates. Registration

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