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GMG news and expert knowledge in our regular webinars

The GMG Academy offers news and specific knowledge in our regular webinars. The topics are based on the latest technologies in color management and proofing. We also address your questions and suggestions directly online, in the comfort of your workplace.

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GMG Headquarter Webinars

GMG Americas Webinars

Tuesday, October 30th  –  3.30 PM until 4.00 PM CEST  –  Free of charge

Learn how to create and edit color profiles for proofing in less than 30 minutes. Our profiler GMG OpenColor offers a wide range of options such as spot color processing or substrate change. Also the creation of DotProof profiles including spot colors is no longer a challenge.


Tuesday, September 18th - 2:00PM EST

In cooperation with our partner TECHKON

Expanded gamut has many benefits, including the ability to print more in-gamut spot colors, a reduction in the need for spot color plates and ink, and - of course - more colorful graphics!

Birgit Plautz from GMG Americas will guide trought the necessary steps to convert a file from RGB to an extended color gamut while achieving consistent, accurate color results.


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