Get your business into pole position with consistent colors

Set your own standards and get to know about precise color management for packaging printing

In packaging printing, color management and proofing can be very challenging. With our solutions, consistent and predictable color reproduction is no longer a problem. In these courses, we show you how to characterize printing machines, learn how to create profiles, proofs and also finished print data files.

Scheduled trainings

From Test Print to Characterization – Print Quality Evaluation and Optimization of Measurements

March 21st 2018 (Tuebingen, Germany)   •    October 10th 2018 (Tuebingen, Germany)  •   And on request

Learn how to set-up a test-print and how to generate a perfect print characteristic for your workflow.  

Proofing in the Packaging Industry with GMG OpenColor

March 22nd 2018 (Tuebingen, Germany)   •    October 11th 2018 (Tuebingen, Germany)  •   And on request

GMG OpenColor is the only solution to predict the overprinting behaviour of spot colors in a precise and reproducible way. In this workshop you gain valuable practical tips. 

Print Production - From Design to Print (Packaging)

May 15th and 16th 2018 (Tuebingen, Germany)   •   November 21st and 22nd 2018 (Tuebingen, Germany)   •   And on request

In this two-day workshop, you get to know the complete process chain of the packaging print production.

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