GMG DotProof / GMG FlexoProof Profiling - Intensive workshop

On request


Target group

Advanced users of GMG DotProof or GMG FlexoProof who want to learn how to create MX5 DotProof profiles for simulating certain printing conditions on a proof printer.


  • Acquire the skills to create quality contract proof profiles using original 1-bit data of an imagesetter RIP while retaining the original screen information or use GMG DotProof/FlexoProof to create 1-bit data from PDF files for the profile creation. Learn how to enhance custom DotProof profiles even further using GMG ProfileEditor.
  • The best testcharts to use for characterizing a printing press
  • How to analyze, average, and smooth the characterization data
  • Making manual adjustments to attain a visually optimized match between target and proof
  • Paper tint corrections
  • Fine-tuning on skin tones
  • Creating color-accurate halftone proofs reflecting your screening, overprinting and trapping settings


2 Days

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