GMG ColorMaster -
The smart RGB-Workflow

GMG ColorMaster - The smart RGB-Workflow

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Target group

Everybody who is interested in the advantage of implementing a media neutral workflow: print buyers, prepress and press related functions, technical and production manager, printer & paper procurement responsibles, consultants, technical advisors of the graphic arts industry.


We show you how to ensure a consistent color reproduction across all production steps and output conditions with GMG ColorMaster. Get to know the concept and the resulting production reliability.

  • Photography: Accurately display how a photo will look in print, even when assessing the image for the first time
  • Repro: Correction and approval on the basis of a single, all-encompassing standard, with the confidence of always obtaining the same appearance - even before defining where and on what substrate the image will be printed
  • Fully automatic RGB to CMYK conversions meeting all standards - and for a wide variety of papers - without the need to manually alter each individual file


1/2 Day

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