Print standardization yes, but education rather in an individual manner?

personalized training courses upon request

In addition to our regularly scheduled group training sessions, the GMG Academy also offer personalized training courses upon request. You can choose a topic already outlined in our portfolio, which we would be happy to modify to suit your specific needs. 

If you and your colleagues would like to focus fully on your training (without any production interruptions), you can book your courses to be held at the GMG Academy’s training facility in Tuebingen.

If it is too hard to get the group to travel, we can send our color experts to you. This option would enable our instructors to train your staff using your own technical equipment.

Webinar training options are also available for some of our content.

  • Customized course content (optional)
  • Training available either on your premises, at the GMG Academy or online
  • For groups of up to 6 people
  • 1150,- € excl. VAT per day (plus trainer‘s traveling expenses if required)
  • Training material included

Interested? Then send an email to for a non-binding offer or further information.


GMG ColorProof End User Workshop

On request

This workshop covers best practices about all important functionalities of GMG ColorProof/DotProof/FlexoProof, which allows to work with the software in the most efficient way. Additionally we will show you basics about profile creation in GMG ProfileEditor.

GMG DotProof / GMG FlexoProof Profiling - Intensive Workshop

On request

This workshop will show you how to create MX5 DotProof profiles for simulating certain printing conditions on a proof printer.

Proofing in the Packaging Industry with GMG OpenColor

November 11th 2017 (Tuebingen, Germany)   •   And on request

GMG OpenColor is the only solution to predict the overprinting behaviour of spot colors in a precise and reproducible way. In this workshop you gain valuable practical tips. 

Color Conversion Made Easy - Applications of GMG ColorServer

November 29th 2017 (Tuebingen, Germany)   •   And on request

Get to know all functionalities and possibilities GMG ColorServer and GMG InkOptimizer offer. You will obtain extensive insights to the application of a color server.

Profiling in Digital Printing

November 28th 2017 (Tuebingen, Germany)   •   And on request

What are the challenges in color management for digital printing? Learn how to profile digital presses and how to automate the data handling. 

GMG ColorProof - Best Practices 

On request

In our one-day workshop you will learn all tips & tricks regarding the daily work with GMG ColorProof / GMG DotProof / GMG FlexoProof.

Basic End User Workshop for new GMG Users

On request

This training gives an overview about all important functionalities and interaction of the GMG products to enable you to work with the software in the most efficient way.

From Characterization Data to the Final Profile - Profile Creation for GMG ColorProof and GMG ColorServer

On request

We will show you how to create custom profiles for an already existing characterization data set. You will also learn how to use these profiles in GMG Software applications.

GMG ColorServer Profiling - Intensive Workshop

November 30th 2017 (Tuebingen, Germany)   •   And on request

Acquire the skills to create and use DeviceLink profiles for GMG ColorServer. We tell you all you need to know about profiling parameters such as Gamut Mapping and separation settings.

Advanced End User Workshop

On request

You are invited to join us for a 3-day GMG Color Advanced End User Training to gain in-depth hands-on knowledge about best practices and learn techniques to truly optimize your system’s performance and usability.

GMG ColorMaster - The smart RGB-Workflow

On request

We show you how to ensure a consistent color reproduction across all production steps and output conditions with GMG ColorMaster. Get to know the concept and the resulting production reliability.


Color Management Basics – „Delta E, Lab, CMYK & Co.“

November 14th 2017 (Tuebingen, Germany)   •   And on request

Get to know about color space, spectrophotometry and proofing basics. Gain a broad range of knowledge in color management.  

Fit for FOGRA51/52 - Overview on all Changes

September 28th 2017 (Tuebingen, Germany)   •   And on request

You will acquire an in-depth understanding of the current changes in viewing conditions, the new measuring mode M1 and a secure handling of the new characterization data. 

From Test Print to Characterization – Print Quality Evaluation and Optimization of Measurements

November 15th 2017 (Tuebingen, Germany)   •   And on request

Learn how to set-up a test-print and how to generate a perfect print characteristic for your workflow.  

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