Connecting digital and flexographic printing - ECG Multicolor and Co.


GMG Academy, Tübingen • DFTA Technologiezentrum at Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart (Germany)  •   On request


Target group

This training is designed for all stakeholders throughout the process chain of packaging printing production. Print Suppliers, Brand Owners, PrePress and Printers who want to be up to date for the printing industry, digital printing and color management. Participants can either have a technical or more Business-oriented background.


As digital printing enters the packaging market, professional color management is essential to realize the full potential of combining digital and conventional systems. In this workshop, we'll show you the differences between conventional systems and digital and how to connect them with latest color management technology for perfect results. This course is a practical workshop to understand interfacing parts of both technologies, solve challenges and raise ideas for new business opportunities.


Day 1: Color Management and Digital printing

  • Color Management Overview: Standardization, normalization, Automation, Characterization, profile creation and conversion
  • Digital Packaging Printing (Inkjet Technologies, Print Heads, Characteristics, Parameters)
  • RIP setttings for digital presses - Tips & Tricks
  • Fingerprinting on Digital Printing Press
  • Measurement and Production Control


Day 2: Flexographic printing, profiling for proof and separation

  • Flexographic Printing: Quality Parameters, Platemaking, Mounting, Advanced Flexo Printing
  • Testform creation - Flexo
  • Fingerprinting on Flexo Printing Press
  • How to evaluate the quality of your measurement data and latest tools 
  • How to create valuable characterization data for custom profiling
  • Press Profiling (Digital and Flexo)
  • Proof and Separation Profile creation


Day 3: Multicolor, ECG - Conversion and Production

  • Extended color gamut printing / Multicolor
  • Profile modification and optimization with GMG ProfileEditor – What is possible?
  • Best Practice: Spot color handling within a ColorServer and GMG ColorProof
  • Separation and automated file conversion 
  • Practical demos:  Production prints (flexo and digital)

Read the full article about the previous workshop here. 



GMG Academy, Tübingen and DFTA Technologiezentrum at Media University, Stuttgart


Three days, each 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


1485 € excl. VAT per person incl. Drinks, Snacks, Training materials and results of the practical sessions

Number of participants

Max. 20 participants; Min. 5 participants

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This course is not offered for your country and Tuebingen is too far?

Please get in touch.

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