Color Management and Standardization


GMG Academy Tuebingen (Germany)   •   April 2nd - April 4th 2019


Target group

This basic knowledge workshop is designed for all stakeholders throughout the process chain in the graphic arts industry and media production. Print buyers, prepress and press-related employees, technical and production managers, print and paper supplier, consultants and technical advisors are welcome to join.


Get to know the basics of color spaces, spectrophotometry, standardization and proofing. Learn how to implement the latest industry standards, get insights into GMG Color Management and find out more about the basics of proofing.

Day 1 - Color Management Basics

  • What is color?
  • Light and normlight
  • ISO standards: rules and influencing factors in everyday production
  • Standardization of production workflows
  • Creation of custom characterization data
  • Profile settings and details about individual gamut mapping strategies
  • The benefits of device link profile compared to regular ICC profiles
  • Other topics or modification in consultation with the customer

Day 2 - Fit for the New Industry Standards 

  • Changes in our references
  • ISO 3664:2009 - viewing conditions
  • ISO 13655:2009 - measuring conditions
  • Measuring mode M1
  • ISO 12647-2:2013 - offset printing
  • New characterization data PSO Coated v3 and PSO Uncoated v3
  • Implementation in your work environment
  • FOGRA53 and FOGRA54

Day 3 - GMG ColorProof

  • Setup and database structure in GMG ColorProof
  • Calibrating printers with the automatic and manual calibration wizard
  • Best practices Epson SureColor Series
  • Integration of measuring mode M1 in GMG ColorProof
  • Manual job creation
  • Automated file processing using hotfolders and workflows
  • Using GMG ProofControl Inline


Three days, each from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (each day can be booked separately for 495 Euro.)


1.485 Euro per person, excl. VAT and incl. drinks, snacks, training materials and results of the practical sessions

Number of participants

Up to nine

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This course is not offered for your country and Tuebingen is too far?

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This course is not offered for your country and Tuebingen is too far?

Please get in touch.

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