Color Conversion made easy - Applications of GMG ColorServer

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Target group

Users of GMG ColorServer and/or GMG InkOptimizer as well as all interested people in the media production and graphic arts industry.


Get to know all functionalities and possibilities GMG ColorServer and GMG InkOptimizer offer. You will obtain extensive insights to the application of a color server.

  • Harmonizing varying files in an automated way
  • Conversion into various output conditions
  • Data preparation for a stable and excellent printability
  • Saving up to 20% ink in the production process
  • Stabilizing and quality improvements, for quicker drying and better homogeneity throughout the whole print run

Depending on your needs, the training is available with a focus on either LFP/Digitalprint or publication print.
It can be combined with following trainings:


1 Day

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