GMG Academy Hingham (America)   •   September 16th - 20th 2019


Target group

New and existing dealers of GMG ColorProof


This Certification course is designed for both new and existing ColorProof Dealers only, and will emphasize high-level training on profiling and application use with specialty printers, along with the new features found in the latest release of ColorProof 5.11.

The first two days of this course will be for new Dealers, and will cover the following topics:

  • ColorProof 5.11 Installation and Configuration
  • Best Practices
  • GMG Color Management Theory
  • Custom media configuration and profiling
  • Custom MX4 profiling
  • Basic Workflow Creation

On Wednesday, we invite existing GMG Dealers to join us for a 3-day Recertification training which will cover these topics: -

  • ColorProof 5.11 New Features!
  • GMG OpenColor 2.2 Spectral Profiling for Proofing and Separations
  • GMG OpenColor Connection to ColorProof, ColorPlugin and Hybrid PackZ
  • GMG ColorPlugin
  • Best Practices for upgrades
  • Advanced Hotfolder Configuration/Workflow Integration
  • Database Management
  • Overview: New Measurement Standard support
  • Advanced Spot Color Handling
  • ProofControl 2.4/ProofControl Inline Advanced
  • ColorServer 5.0 Plus SmartProfiler

At the end of the course, all attendees will take the GMG Certification Exam to earn or update their existing Certification status.

The cost for the 5-day course is $500 and the 3-day course is $300. Purchase orders must be submitted to to confirm your spot. If you have any questions please let us know.


5 Days, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Interested to visit us in Tuebingen?

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This course is not offered for your country and Tuebingen is too far?

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This course is not offered for your country and Tuebingen is too far?

Please get in touch.

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