Over 35 years of groundbreaking solutions 

We’ve been changing the way people see color for over three decades. And with over 150 employees working across Europe, USA, China and Japan, we can confidently say that – today – GMG is a worldwide award-winning leader in high-end color management and proofing software.

But how should color be managed and proofed in the future? What will be our perspective on color tomorrow?

The world of print is an inspiring place to be. The digital landscape is expanding all the time and the horizons seem limitless for developers, artists, media producers and brands – big and small.

Online or off, there will still be three things we prioritise in the future – whatever happens next: we’ll focus on reliability, deliver accuracy, and maintain an uncompromising attitude to quality.

Today. Tomorrow. We know color.

We make it sound easy, we know. At GMG, we’re already helping thousands of customers who are striving for perfection in color management and proofing practice. We know it’s harder than it looks, and that's what makes the future all so incredibly exciting…

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