Put our expertise into your business

GMG Academy: the kind of training that matters – practical knowledge for daily use

Our Academy offers your team the kind of training, know-how, and inside information that can demonstrably increase your return on an investment in hardware and software.

You’ll be improving your efficiency, making a difference to quality, and securing a sustainable competitive advantage: our expertise, in your business.

Drawing from our knowledge pools, with the GMG Academy your team will have immediate access to all the latest findings and developments in color management techniques worldwide. From basic training to courses for specialists, everyone who completes training with the GMG Academy receives official GMG certification.  

GMG Services: Your color management projects deserve the know-how of industry-leading experts

Our team is there to guide you from the initial installation to ongoing support and individual color adjustments. When it comes to color management, companies must have a reliable and competent partner. That's why at  GMG Services, we leave nothing to chance. All services receive support from our qualified, in-house experts.

GMG Consulting: Solid operational expertise – far beyond our own software portfolio

For over 30 years we’ve worked with our customers to develop leading color management applications. That knowledge is at your disposal, helping you to futureproof your own business today. And because you don’t work in isolation, neither do we. Our experts can advise on a range of interfaces – the whole process, in fact. From creation and prepress to production, analyzing and optimizing the whole color management chain –  GMG Consulting gives you access to the entire breadth and depth of our expertise.

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