“Since we have been using GMG color management technology with several of our HP Scitex printers, we have been able to achieve repeatable and identical print quality on every printing system and substrate in our portfolio.”
> KL Druck (Case Study)

“It’s incredibly important, particularly in the digital printing field, to get the printing machine into a good basic state and keep it there. Only then and using suitable color management solutions, you can get the very best out of the machine – and cut costs at the same time.”
> Digital Repro Druck (Case Study)

“Straightforward, fast and reliable – that is what we want and need for a solution that converts incoming files from a standard profile to the output of our printers. Our output prints are better balanced.”
> [s]color (Case Study)

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Creating uniform color standards within seconds

No matter whether you are a print house or a prepress company: very often you get data in different color spaces from your customers, or data need to be prepared for a wide variety of printing processes. Especially checking and normalizing all kinds of PDF files is a very time-consuming process. GMG ColorServer reduces this effort to a minimum by providing fully automatic color conversions for all printing processes.

Taking advantage of GMG's DeviceLink Technology

  • CMYK-to-CMYK conversion optimally transforms data from one printing standard to another, while preserving the integrity of the black channel
  • CMYK reseparation standardizes the color composition of the data
  • RGB-to-CMYK conversion results in separations that are much smoother than those made with ICC profiles
  • spot colors-to-CMYK conversion exploits the maximum gamut of the CMYK color space 

Based on the Adobe® PDF Library

  • PDF-to-PDF conversion manipulates PDF files for both CMYK-to-CMYK and RGB-to-CMYK conversions

Your benefits

Top-quality and higher productivity due to

  • standardized and simplified color management
  • consistent color results in all printing process, e.g. offset, digital, LFP
  • maximum production reliability
  • easy handling, no need for expert knowledge
  • up to 50% savings on time and money for prepress