• GMG Proofing

    Proofing for the highest quality demands! Whatever you need:
    Contone or halftone proofs, packaging proofs or quality control
    of your proofs.

  • GMG has just the right color management solution for you,
    no matter whether you want to create uniform color standards,
    your own profiles and printer calibrations or reduce fully auto-
    matically the CMY color component.

  • Find a GMG dealer in your area.

  • With GMG software solutions you will reach the finish line –
    regardless of the printing method or substrate. We offer a
    vast range of solutions for print production, color management,
    proofing, and quality control in the graphic arts industry.

  • Customers can access the GMG Support Area at any
    time to get the latest software and profile downloads.

  • Download product information and images free of charge.

  • All key information about GMG at a glance.

  • GMG collaborates with technology and business partners
    across the globe and is actively involved in various research
    groups and organizations.

Packaging Printing
Digital Printing
Wide Format Printing
Offset Printing
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For packaging printers and their prepress partners we offer efficient creation of packaging proofs and mock-ups.

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For digital printers we offer consistent color results with centrally controlled color management.

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For wide format printers we offer consistent color results on different media and output devices.

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For Offset Printers we offer color management and process control as well as standardization tools.

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GMG proofing solutions are optimized for the specific demands of our customers: contone proofs, halftone proofs, packaging proofs

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Color Management in Large Format Printing

Why color management in large format printing is so important - watch the GMG video:

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